Reporting Services – Unable to connect to the remote server

I installed SQL Server 2012 Database services and Reporting Services and selected the option to configure reporting services instead of doing the configuration manually.

The installation succedeed but I noticed that Reporting Services had configured binding for port 80 and https on port 443 as well. I didn’t have an SSL certificate so in Reporting Services Configuration Manager I removed the bindings for port 443 for both reports and the reports manager.

However, after this change browsing to reports returned the error “Unable to connect to the remote server“.

After some research it appears that removing the 443 bindings in Reporting Services Configuration Manager does not change a setting in rsreportserver.config.

In the config file there is is a key named SecureConnectionLevel. In my file this had a value of 2. As per this article changing the value to 0 made things work.

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