SQL Timeouts and Warnings

On CRM servers, in the Event Viewer you might see warnings similar to the following logged against the MSCRMPlatform source with Event ID 17972

“Query execution time of 84.5 seconds exceeded the threshold of 10 seconds: Thread: 91; Database: CRM Database; Server: SQL Server; Query: query/stored procedure”

The first thing to note is that the message is a warning and not an error. If you are receiving a lot of these errors then you probably need to have a look at your CRM database and perform some tidying up and tuning. If you get a the error only occasionally then you can ignore it. However, if the message is annoying you, you can change the threshold at which the errors are logged to a longer value than 10 seconds.

The threshold is stored in the ServerSettingsProperties table in the deployment database, MSCRM_CONFIG. If you have On-Premise CRM than you can edit the IntColumn value where ColumnName equals “LongQueryThresholdInSeconds”.


update ServerSettingsProperties
set IntColumn='10'
where ColumnName='LongQueryThresholdInSeconds'

Making changes directly to tables in CRM databases is, of course, not supported. But, I haven’t found a PowerShell command to change the LongQueryThresholdInSeconds setting. This isn’t relevant to CRM Online because you can’t view event logs for CRM Onilne servers.

Changing Timeouts

Now, if you have operations that are taking a long time and failing, you can increase timeout values by maing changes to registry keys as described in this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/918609. I’ve seen several types of failures due to timeouts such as imports, creating new entities and adding new fields.

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